Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo: Features, Number of Reels Max Win Possibility

In this article, I will invite you to get to know more deeply and try the Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo. Wanna know? Let’s see the full review through the summary below.

With the release of Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo, developer Iron Dog Studio has taken players back to the Stone Age and across the seven Seas. In order to soften their games, Iron Dog frequently uses a cartoonish aesthetic. This strategy was promoted for Astro Newts Megaways, which reminded people of Blueprint Gaming’s Rick and Morty Megaways.

The two games share a similar sense of comedy, fusing science fiction with cartoonish antics and vibrant colors. Both of these slots are incredibly powerful, with Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo having the ability to rake in some incredible sums while traveling across space.

Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo, which has a 6-reel Megaways grid with up to 7 symbols on each reel and up to 117,649 ways to win, is, if anything, kiddier than Rick and Morty. When a pay-both-ways mechanism is used, this amount is doubled on the last round of free spins.

Bright fluro pink and purple colors that complement the skin tones of the Newt figures shown on the pay symbols provide a touch of 90s flair to the game. All in all, the slot is presented in an odd way; you may appreciate it or find it a little too reminiscent of Pigs in Space from the first Muppet Show.

Any device that allows wagers between 10 cents and fifty pounds or euros per spin can be used to play Astro Newts Megaways on Aw8indo slot site. While the outside may appear cheery and upbeat, Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo is actually a pretty flimsy gambling device. Highly erratic, the RTP value inexplicably dips to 95.81% when the bonus buy is activated from its default value of 95.90%.

On the paytable, asteroids, ray weapons, jet packs, and 2 Newts are the premium symbols, while hairy or slimy 10-A card images are the lesser value symbols. With the exception of the highest paying premium, which pays out on two or more, all symbols pay out when at least three appear.

A six-of-a-kind hit is rewarded 50 times the wager, dropping to 10 to 40 times for the remaining high payouts. The normal spacecraft wild, which appears on reels 2 through 6, is the last icon in this group and replaces all pay icons.

The most frequent feature in Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo is Tumbling Reels. Less often occurring features include Expanding Wilds, a Pig on the Moon Extra, Free Spins, and a Bonus Buy. With each victory, the reels start to tumble, causing the winning symbols to fall off the grid. Symbols fall to fill in the remaining spaces, maybe resulting in more victories. As long as there are still victors lined up, the process will continue to tumble.

Additionally, Expanding wilds are included with Astro Newts, and they take the shape of green W symbols on reels 2 through 6. They enlarge to occupy every space on the corresponding reel when they land on it.

Mega Fission, a trademarked characteristic of Iron Dog, is also present. The number of possibilities to win is increased when winning symbols on reels with a height of 2 or 3 split into 2 after a win. Only one Mega Fission can take place per symbol. The amount of symbols that can experience a Mega Fission during a spin or tumble is unlimited.

The sleeping pig on the left awards the Pig on the Moon feature on any spin at random. Up to 2 expanding wilds or 4 conventional wilds can be added to the reels by our porcine friend.

Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo begins to employ a collecting system during free spins, which makes it more complicated as it speeds players through a number of levels. When at least six gasoline tank symbols are gathered on a single spin sequence in the standard game, free spins are awarded.

You are then awarded 8 bonus spins, which begin on the moon level. You’ll be transported to a new planet and awarded up to +4 more free spins each time 4 or more fuel tanks are gathered during the bonus game. A distinct modification is unlocked for each heavenly body;

  • Moon: Each successful tumble boosts the win multiplier by one.
  • Super fuel cells, which are worth two standard fuel symbols, are made accessible on Mars.
  • Jupiter: For the duration of the feature, if a reel reaches a height of seven symbols, it locks there.
  • Winning tumbles from Saturn increase the win multiplier by +2 points.
  • Uranus: The grid offers 235,298 winning combinations by paying both ways.

Finally, if offered, players may be able to purchase 8 free spins to skip the bonus round for 86 times the entire stake.

Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo: Conclusion

Astro Newts Megaways stands out from the ever-expanding mass of Megaways games right away because of its individuality. Studios must now use the mechanism in a unique way if they want to stand out in a throng of seasoned gamblers. It all comes together to make for a very unique experience, from the Saturday morning cartoon style with its charming characters to the futuristic 1960s concept and a couple things you don’t typically see in this game genre.

Astro Newts Megaways does rather well overall, although there are a few issues that might raise questions. The theme is the most overt, and if you’re not cutesy, the game will instantly turn you off. The pleasure of Astro Newts Megaways comes from this, therefore if you don’t enjoy cartoonish graphics, skip it.

Astro Newts Megaways also has certain slow-moving elements, such the spinning animations or the tumble animations that dally before popping and replacing. Even in rapid mode, Astro Newts Megaways isn’t exactly a game to play to raise your heart rate.

For a more spirited comparison, consider Multiplier Odyssey by Relax Gaming. The majority of the time, Astro Newts Megaways resemble a relaxing dream that one could have when in stasis on a protracted interplanetary journey. However, Astro Newts Megaways can definitely go into hyperdrive when things start to go well. The thought of doing a free spins tour of the solar system is intriguing, and planet flybys are very exciting.

While moving among the planets is challenging, there are benefits if you can find enough of those elusive fuel cells. The premise of Uranus’ pay both ways Megaways reels is interesting, and it may result in winnings of up to 20,000 times the stake.

The Astro Newts Megaways Slot Demo is a wonderful addition for gamers to try their luck with as there aren’t many Megaways slots with a cosmic theme available. While the capsule meanders through space, there is a good lot of lounging about, but the blast-off and landing segments increase the enjoyment.

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