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True Grit Redemption Slot Review: RTP 96.11%, High Volatility

Of course, we know people are looking for the True Grit Redemption slot review, that’s why situs slot online has it here for you! 

It’s difficult not to laugh when you consider how far out there developer Nolimit City is. The next second, Nolimit dumps a slab of a game that makes you cringe, whether it’s across the jaunty Irish hills, a jungle-themed utopia, or Ancient Egypt. 

True Grit Redemption is exactly this type of slot, offering a slew of features in as bleak a scenario as you can get – and that’s before you consider an earlier game based on a mass gunfight called El Paso Gunfight, which featured the famed urinating in a cemetery image.

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Best True Grit Redemption Slot Review Summary

We hope the teaser has set the tone for what True Grit Redemption will bring to the screen. Our first thoughts were: who’s been beating up a certain environmental activist, and did Nolimit City build the game after watching Gangs of New York? 

1. Theme and Music

In the midst of a cold, desolate outdoor landscape, there are elements of both. If True Grit Redemption were a movie, it would probably be similar to No Country for Old Men.

Heroes can be destroyed, baddies can gain, and there is no such thing as women or children coming first in this world. True Grit Redemption by Nolimit City is an indisputable master of Western slots, revealing a side of the genre that most players have never seen before. 

They might have heard it, though, because Nolimit City’s sound genius David has excelled himself with the evocative soundtrack once again, as he did with Deadwood.

2. RTP and Volatility

Choose a bet between 20 p/c and £/€100 each spin before trying your own redemption. Volatility is rated a ten out of ten, or ‘Extreme’ in non-numerical words, and the RTP is 96.11%, though the value is affected by buying free spins. The 6-reel grid may appear to be Megaways at first glance, but it isn’t.

The top reel only contains character symbols or wilds, the main six reels only contain regular pays, wilds, scatters, or Grit Girl symbols, and the locked places on the bottom reel only contain character or special symbols. 

When scatter symbols appear on the main reels, the locked zones unlock, and a sticky wild multiplier is always there in the bottom right spot, which becomes active in Dead Spins as you shall see.

3. The Paytable

Winning combinations are produced when matching symbols land in neighboring reels, independent of position, and pay from the left side of the grid. By default, this generates 240 ways, which expand as locations are unlocked and symbols are separated. 

Winning combos activate a cascade feature, which removes the symbols and replaces them with new ones. The 10-A card icons are valued 0.2 to 0.75x for six of a kind, rising to 0.85 to 1.75x for the next five-character symbols on the lower side of the paytable.

Grit Girl is the one you’re looking for, since she appears on reels 1-4 and pays x25 for three symbols or x500 for four. Grit Girl pays out when she appears on three or more reels, and her wins are doubled by the sticky multiplier in the lower right corner, whether it is unlocked or not.

4. Gameplay (Slot Features)

We wouldn’t be shocked if you’re already scratching your head in wonder, so let’s add a few more things to make your mind spin. The first set of features includes plenty of x-prefixed options.

xWild Transform

If the symbols on the top reel match any one of the symbols on the same reel below it, both become wilds.

xNudge Wild

On the bottom reel, there is a stacked wild symbol that always nudges into view. Its multiplier grows by one for each spot it nudges. 

If the xNudge isn’t used on a win, it folds back down and nudges with a higher multiplier on the next cascade. When there are multiple active wild multipliers, their values are added together.

xWays & Infectious xWays

xWays can appear anywhere on the reels except the top one. Infectious xWays only appear on the bottom reels. xWays change into 2-3 occurrences of a regular pay symbol, giving you more chances to win. 

The Infectious xWays always reveal two symbols, which grow to the same size as all other instances of the same symbol type.

Reel Split

The Reel Split symbol only shows on the bottom reel and multiplies all symbols on the main reel above it. Then it vanishes, leaving the bottom reel symbols to fill the void. Reels can only split up to two times, while the Grit Girl does not split but does double the reward multiplier.

Transform ‘Em’

This symbol can only be found on the bottom reel. When it lands, all low payments become the same low pay symbol, and all characters become the same character symbols. However, it has no effect on tiles on the upper reel.

Free Torture Spins

Hitting 1, 2, 3, or 4 scatter symbols on the main reels unlocks 4, 7, 9, or 10 of the locked places. Furthermore, seeing three scatters activates eight Torture Spins, plus one spin for each split feature of a scatter. 

Landing a 4th scatter upgrades the game to Dead Spins, adding +2 spins and +1 spins for every split component of a scatter.

Dead Spins

You’ll get 10 Dead Spins if you land 4 scatters, plus 1 scatter for each split component of a scatter. The sticky wild multiplier in the bottom right corner has now been unlocked. Every cascade increases the multiplier by one.

Nolimit Bonus

From the Nolimit Bonus menu, you may choose from three different alternatives. Torture spins are 69 times the wager, while Dead Spins are 669 times the bet. Alternatively, you can pay 189x the bet, which has an 80% chance of delivering Torture Spins and a 20% chance of awarding Dead Spins.

Final Summary

Hopefully, everything is evident now, although it’s possible that it isn’t, given the game’s complexity, which is typical of Nolimit City. 

From Fire in the Hole’s locked positions to East Coast vs. West Coast’s Infectious xWays and beyond, it’s as if the studio has crammed everything into this one. It sometimes feels like someone is blasting features onto the board at random, like buckshot. 

As a result, one strategy is to skim over the rules without expecting to fully comprehend them, let them ferment in your mind, demo the game for a time, return to the regulations, repeat the process, and stay as confused as Mental. In the end, that is the True Grit Redemption slot review that you can find out. 

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